not bound to one way of thinking

I not only in one place, not bound to one way of thinking. In addition, always we continue to have doubts about the current situation, without being swept around, you confront the essence of things. To break the existing rules, you must first know the importance of the rule. Given the right in the middle of the common sense and the insane, we aim to creative to go on the diagonal.


IT industry is fast flowing,
Those that had been popular until recently, it may well be said that can not be used anymore. I, front-end Developer - as, currently working in Tokyo.
There is interest in the interaction design and motion graphics, Representation in the browser is looking forward to what will evolve from now until earlier where.
But, only the years ahead in the knowledge it, we are confident that the day will come not sought.
Marketing of knowledge and, advertising of knowledge, the development of new services, applications. It may also be obtained knowledge of the design.
Design what is the design.
This appearance of and Kakkko good, means that only cuteness is not the design.
To prioritize the information, and what you want the client is delivered, to match what you want to reach the end user. And do we design ahead of the business from there.

I mean, never married is not a purpose, what that make a happy home, is that the biggest of the purpose of marriage.
If you and get to choose my partner, You are not what you wanted, you always think about what feels anxiety.
I'm sure I can become your good partner, it will be the same as to you and humming timing.